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Coast Furniture - Finest Furniture and Cabinetry in Barbados


“Arguments with furniture are rarely productive.”  Kehlog Albran

“You Dream, We Listen, We Build”

To those of you who do not know us, Coast Furniture is a designer and maker of the finest furniture. We hope this is not a vain boast. We deliberately tell you this just to keep ourselves on our toes. We are not vain enough to think that anything that we have made in this workshop exceeds the finest furniture of the past. However, we do hope that one day we might get a bit nearer. By that we mean  AA70065x500 Homewe will approach the very complex simplicity that all the great masters of British furniture have achieved. Hopefully we will do it in a way that is in no way reproducing the past but is totally appropriate to the twentieth century.  We know the past in all its skills but apply it to the present, the contemporary, European elegant style.

AA90006 HomeOur workshop is a coral—built out of the basic block of our island of Barbados. we were very lucky that we were able to find a workshop in  the historical setting of a Colonial sugar cane plantation.  All is well in being able overlooking beautiful sugar cane fields and the ocean in the distance but it is still jolly convenient to be able to pop down to the shops for a bag of screws or a tube of Araldite. Over the past eight years this workshop has developed so that we have on the grounds three shops, of about 2000 square foot total.  Surrounding us is a bucolic horticultural estate filled with flowers, fruit trees and even monkeys.  The noise and the dust drifts on the sea breezes leaving our bench shop as a quieter area – more suitable for hand work or the more delicate contemplative part of our craft.